my blog is a mess and so is my life

Jonas Brothers - Kevin 2

I’m eating solar raw organic vegan gluten free kale chips and drinking raw organic cold pressed kale apple and ginger juice

What the fuck am I doing what have I turned in to

I want lime green hair so bad :(


i slept pretty much all day today on and off this day has been just one big nap and I have no regrets now i’m gonna go make a sandwich and probably sleep a little more

Text me back

I keep myself super busy or active or whatever cause this summer has been so rough and there’s people I miss who are being distant physically or emotionally and there’s people I won’t see ever again and it makes me so sad


I can survive -31°C with blowing snow and a windchill of -45°C, but I cannot deal with 31°C.

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I am awake but at what price

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